CSI Church Sports International


Thank you for visiting the CSI website, however on January 15th, Church Sports International closed the "doors" after a 21 year ministry. We are grateful to God for those years and for the things He allowed us to do. We thank God for our ministry colleagues, for our national and international associates and our global partners in ministry.

While our mission has closed, the training resources that have been developed by CSI are still available through Church Sports and Recreation Ministers (www.csrm.org). You can access 15 manuals and over 25 DVD's and CD's that will help you to stimulate, defend and train people to carry out Sports Ministry within the context of the local church.

To those who have used Rodger or other CSI staff for ministry, accessed our resources or allowed us, in some way, to contribute to your ministry, THANK YOU for that awesome privilege.

May God bless you, grant you favor and give you the awesome honor of expanding His kingdom.

© 2013 Church Sports International